Winey Mask: Will Only Remove for Wine

Winey Mask: Will Only Remove for Wine


A Winey Girl and Starnotch Costume Collaboration


Pick your material:

-Cotton: ($10)

-Supplex: Moisture wicking, Nylon fabric($13)


Pick your colour:




Pick your phrase:

-Will only remove for wine

-Pinot, please.

-Bring on the bubbly

-You had me at merlot


Adjustable ear loops.


Wash in cold water after every use. Dry Flat.

  • Government note on non-medical facemasks:

    Non-medical masks or face coverings may help reduce the spread of respiratory droplets from the user to others or to the surroundings.

    Many public health authorities are now requiring the wearing of non-medical masks or face coverings in public settings considered to pose increased risk of COVID-19 transmission. At this time, it is understood that face coverings do not provide a complete barrier to virus-sized particles produced by the wearer when speaking, laughing, singing, coughing or sneezing. While it has not been proven that they protect the wearer from exposure to the infectious respiratory droplets of others, it is reasonable to believe that some protection may be provided. The level of protection depends on the materials and methods used, and most importantly, how it fits.

    Wearing face coverings are an additional personal practice, along with proper hand washing and physical distancing. Covering one’s mouth and nose help reduce the spread of respiratory droplets.


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